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Our Shop

We’re a family owned and run fruit and veg shop, specialising in fresh, local produce and sweet community vibes.

 We’ve got a particular penchant for organic fruit and veg and an extensive grocery section, including cheeses, meats, pastries, vegan and gluten free delights- and all as local, fresh and scrumptious as possible!

If you like your staff members knowledgeable and friendly and your produce fresh, local and affordable, pop into Baz and Shaz!

44 Beech Drive, Suffolk Park NSW

Open 7 days, 7 till 7.

Drive, cycle, skate or stroll on through for your fix of fresh produce and welcoming smiles. We’ve got an abundance of easy car and bike parking, and a water bowl for doggo.

Fresh Coffee

Delicious fresh coffee supplied by the legends at Bun Coffee is now available 7 days a week.

Deli Section

Our Deli section is overflowing with tasty delicacies. We receive daily deliveries from a local, high-quality butcher. Further deli delights include Australian cheeses, vegan/vegetarian sausages, mince, chicken, bacon, bone broth and fodmop foods including cashew cheese, soups, vegan mayo and aioli, sauerkraut and fermented vegetables.

Hot Food

Heart and belly warming foods are aplenty. We have a delicious selection of pies and sausage rolls, all locally made, as well as vegan and gluten free pies. We also stock fresh, locally made samosas, pakoras and rice paper rolls.

Cakes and Pastries

We’ve got every sweet tooth in town covered- from gluten free, vegan and raw desserts to ultra-rich + decadent ones. To make matters more irresistible, most of our cakes and pastries are refined-sugar free!


Everyoneís favourite staple food is delivered fresh daily from local bakers, including paleo and gluten free bread options.


Step into our vegan wonderland. We stock an extensive range of vegan cheeses, milks, yoghurts, ice creams, pies and cakes.

Gluten Free

Gluten avoiders need look no further. We stock an array of delicious + gluten free products, including bread, pasta and cakes.


We like it organic wherever possible. We’re your one stop shop for organic fruit and vegetables, pasta, grains, nuts, breakfast muesli, chocolate, household cleaning products and skin care.

Frozen Section

We got all sorts of frozen goodies in stock, including pastas, berries, vegan and sugar free ice creams and locally made curries, lasagne and gyozas.

Fancy & Cos Lettuce

Local and spray free! Everyday price…


Locally grown


Local avocados fresh in store



cherry tomatoes


Organic Oranges

Juicy, delicious at a ridiculous price! 

kipfler potatoes

New potatoes


Tender and Delicious, different variets daily in store

Home Delivery Now Available

Tuesday delivery Byron & Suffolk Park (cut-off Monday 3pm)
Wednesday delivery Ballina & Cumbalum (cut-off Tuesday 3pm)
Thursday delivery Lennox Head (cut-off Wednesday 3pm)

Fresh produce & groceries at affordable prices.

100% Organic

From your daily needs to specialty products, we have a huge selection of organic, spray free and sustainable produce.

A dedicated room has been added to the shop just for our organic fruit & veg.



Meet Our Wonderful Suppliers

2Die4 Live Foods

At Baz and Shaz, we have so many wonderful suppliers, many of which have been dispensing their delicious delicacies to us for years. They’re such a lovely bunch we knew you’d also like to get to know them! First off the bat is Jon from 2Die4 Live foods. They knock up...

Just In

Spring Organic Crops 

Vegie of the week – The purple cauliflower! Despite its purplish hue, its taste is much the same as its paler counterpart- mild, sweet and nutty. It owes its purple-ness to the antioxidant anthocyanin, making it higher in antioxidants than the white cauli. Furthermore, it’s a great source of fibre (which supports intestine function), vitamin K (which contributes to healthy bone structure), vitamin C (which contributes to good immune function and folate (a B vitamin needed for normal blood cells). What an aesthetically pleasing bunch of nutrients!

Fresh Cut Flowers

Seasonal, colourful & delightful

Now daily in Store. 

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