At Baz and Shaz, we have so many wonderful suppliers, many of which have been dispensing their delicious delicacies to us for years. They’re such a lovely bunch we knew you’d also like to get to know them!

First off the bat is Jon from 2Die4 Live foods. They knock up the most delectable treats of the activated variety, including seeds, muesli, snacks and specialising in nearly every nut under the sun!

We asked Jon how 2Die4 first came to be. Back in 2003, Jon’s friend Clive had just returned to Australia after spending 15 years living in India. He wasn’t sure what to do job-wise when he got home, but knew he wanted to do something worthwhile, something that genuinely benefited people. He read the book “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon, and was inspired to begin experimenting with preparing nuts so that their nutrients could be most readily absorbed. Jon happily played the role of guinea pig, sampling each of Clive’s attempts as he refined the science of nutritious nut creation.

Jon was extremely encouraging of his foray into the nut world, and in 2004, Clive came up with the name and started packaging and selling his creations. Impressively, Clive was actually the man who coined the now household term ‘activated’ nuts. By 2007, Clive could no longer keep up with the demand (he was still doing all the cooking in his kitchen at home), so he asked Jon to come on board. Clive hung up his nut activating boots in 2009, leaving the business of delicious nut dispensing wholly in Jon’s hands.  

16 years on, 2Die4 Live Foods is a thriving business, so we asked Jon if he has any secrets to success. “If your staff are happy, everything works well”, says Jon. He makes looking after his 13 local employees his top priority, as he says that ensures they want to look after the business well. One of the ways he does this by allowing them to work flexible hours. Pretty insightful, we think!

So there you have it- Jon, the man behind your favourite activated snack! If you haven’t yet sampled any of the 2die4 range, dip your toe in with one of Jon’s favourites: the Tamari Almonds or the Masala cashews. Anybody else’s mouth watering?Thanks for taking the time to have a little chat Jon!