The Baz & Shaz Story

What a journey Baz and Shaz has been on! Taking a stroll down memory lane, the year is 1999 and Baz is running a modest fruit and veg shop and making milkshakes and hamburgers, with Azz helping out after school. People began asking for what were considered speciality items back then- things like tofu and hummus. The grocery section was born! With the shop getting progressively busier, Shaz and Dani jumped on board, making it a whole-family affair.

10 years later, with growing local support and Blues fest just down the road at this time, Baz and Shaz outgrew the old location. Baz and Shaz had been considering the move to the bigger location at Beech Drive, but were hesitant to move off the main road. They decided to take the leap. The move paid off- our amazing, loyal customers followed to the new location. Customers loved the accessibility and increased parking of the new spot, as well as the greater variety of produce and products.

Listening to customer feedback has always been a priority for Baz and Shaz- Our organic produce and speciality health food sections, as well as our bulk nuts and chocolate covered fruit range has grown as a result of local demand. We’re so proud of the extensive range of local, vegan, gluten free, low carb, no sugar, sustainable, organic spray free Australian products we now have available.
Continuing our tradition of listening to customer feedback, a coffee cart has been added as of this year. Delicious fresh coffee supplied by the legends at Bun Coffee is now available 7 days a week.

Staff members have gotten a lot more adorable in recent years, with Baz and Shaz’ two little Granddaughters joining the family business. Customers love being served by Suffolk socialite 3-year old Morgan, and 1 year old fruit bat Margot is in charge of blueberry quality control.
Baz and Shaz is lucky to have an incredible team of staff, many of whom have been with us for several years and are a wealth of product knowledge.

Since 1995, Baz and Shaz have had a small property in Wardell. Having spent many years manning the fort at the shop, Baz is now free to spend more time at the farm, assisted by his son-in-law Luke; a member of the family since Baz and Shaz first opened its doors. The farm is off-grid, and initially served as somewhere to compost and recycle scraps to minimise waste. It’s is now home to many a free range chicken who feast on Baz & Shaz scraps and supply the shop with our very own free range eggs. We also now have beehives and a diverse range of fruit and veg planted; from lemons and limes to jack fruit and dragon fruit. We’re so proud of the beautiful, locally grown produce we’re able to supply from the farm.

At Baz and Shaz, local produce is our jam. Our citrus comes from our farm, and the bulk of the remaining produce is supplied by farmers local to the Byron area. We receive daily deliveries from Rocklea QLD for the produce we can’t source locally. We do this because we truly believe local, healthy and sustainable produce to be a powerful means of improving the health of our bodies, communities and planet. This belief underpins our business, and it’s the reason we aim to make local and sustainable.